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Apples Available

Mid-August through Mid-September

  • Dudley Winter

    Dudley Winter

    A juicy, aromatic apple with firm but tender flesh, for fresh eating and cooking.

  • Lodi


    A tart apple, the Lodi is the first to harvest and makes a terrific sauce or fresh salad apple.

  • Paula Red

    Paula Red

    A firm, white-fleshed apple, neither sweet nor tart, good for eating fresh and for applesauce.

  • Pristine


    Spicy, full-flavored sweet apple good for eating and applesauce. Stores for up to 6 weeks.

  • Red Gravenstein

    Red Gravenstein

    A juicy, tart apple, terrific for cooking, for sauces, pies, and cider as well as eating fresh.

  • Vista Belle

    Vista Belle

    White fleshed apple offering tart flavor with hints of berries and a crisp crunch.

  • Jersey Mac

    Jersey Mac

    A McIntosh type, these are tart and tender, pleasantly juicy with an unmistakable apple flavor.

  • Priscilla


    Crisp and aromatic, this is a fine apple for fresh eating and will store for three months.

  • Redfree


    A juicy, crisp, firm-fleshed apple with a nice balanced flavor, terrific for fresh eating.

  • William's Pride

    William's Pride

    Sweet, spicy and crisp, this is a favorite early apple for fresh eating and for baking pies.

  • Zestar


    Crisp and juicy, with brown sugar notes. One of the best keepers of the early season.

Mid-September through Early October

  • Cortland


    A sweet, white-fleshed dessert apple, Cortland's are an all-purpose delight, fresh or cooked.

  • Empire


    Empire is crisp, juicy, and more sweet than tart. They're good for dessert, pies, cider and storage.

  • Ginger Gold

    Ginger Gold

    Mild, sweet with a spicy crunch and notes of ginger. Excellent fresh, for pies, cider and salads.

  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush

    A choice storage apple, Gold Rush has a crisp, rich and spicy flavor which mellows in storage.

  • Liberty


    An all-purpose apple, equally good fresh, cooked or baked. Sweet, spritely, and snappy.

  • Nod Head

    Nod Head

    Sweet, with enough acid to be zesty and tender, Nod Head is great for eating and baking.

  • Priam


    An aromatic, acidic, sweet, crunchy, medium-grained ivory-fleshed apple with hints of vanilla.

  • stark2

    Stark Jumbo

    Stark Jumbo is a very large, mostly red apple that is sweet, tangy and crisp.

  • Cox's Orange Pippin

    Cox's Orange Pippin

    Considered the finest dessert apple, aromatic & subtly flavored, with an excellent crunch.

  • Fryeberg


    This German variety is a sweet, pear-like apple that's perfect for using in mixed fruit desserts.

  • crimson2

    Crimson Crisp

    A deep crimson apple with firm flesh and a sweet, crisp, sub-acid flavor. An excellent keeper and is also great for fresh eating.

  • Honeycrisp


    A sweet, tart, and firm dessert apple, Honeycrisp is fairly juicy and has a pleasantly soft crunch.

  • Mcintosh


    This classic apple has a sweet, tart, and tender flesh, perfectly suited as an all-purpose apple.

  • Pinova


    A sweet dessert apple with notes of honey and pear, Pinova will store well and retain crispness.

  • Snowsweet


    Concentrated apple flavor with notes of honey and a crisp acidic finish, a fine dessert apple.

  • Virginia Crab

    Virginia Crab

    Like other crab apples, it is astringent. Perfect for jellies and home cider production.

Late-season Apples

  • Antonovka


    A perfumed heirloom Russian variety with strong acid flavor. Soft cooking and good for eating.

  • Baldwin


    A bright red winter apple, tart and hard. Keeps well and is ideal for cider and pie making.

  • Bramley's Seedling

    Bramley's Seedling

    A Nottinghamshire variety dating from 1809. Becomes fluffy and sweet when cooked.

  • Egremont Russet

    Egremont Russet

    Nutty, dry and a balanced sweet-tart flesh similar to pears. Great with salads and cheeses.

  • Golden Delicious

    Golden Delicious

    Large, yellow-skinned and very sweet, this apple is all-purpose for desserts, pies and ciders.

  • Keepsake


    Strongly aromatic, spicy and sweet. Mellows in storage. Best in January or February.

  • Mutsu


    A sweet apple with honeysuckle notes, Mutsu packs a lot of juicy flavor into every bite.

  • Northern Spy

    Northern Spy

    Juicy, crisp, sweet-tart with a good sub-acid flavor. Ideal for desserts, pies, juices and cider.

  • Red Delicious

    Red Delicious

    One of the most famous varieties known for its bright red color. Sweet and best eaten fresh.

  • Rome Beauty

    Rome Beauty

    A cooking apple. Large, sweet and mild. Holds it shape well when cooked. Perfect for pies.

  • Westfield Seek-no-further

    Westfield Seek-no-further

    Originating in 1796, this apple is balanced, honeyed, tart, sweet, juicy and crunchy.

  • Wolf River

    Wolf River

    A giant of an apple, terrific for drying and canning. Moderately tart, tender and juicy.

  • Ashmead's Kernel

    Ashmead's Kernel

    Tart and spicy, with pear and pepper notes, Ashmead's Kernel is an adventurous apple.

  • Black Oxford

    Black Oxford

    A shy biennial bearer, with alternating years of good crops. Excellent all-purpose apple.

  • Brock's


    Aromatic, crisp, sweet and good for pies, sauces and fresh eating. Keeps well into mid-winter.

  • Esopus Spitzenburg

    Esopus Spitzenburg

    A classic aromatic for sprightly desserts and culinary arts, with flavor that improves in storage.

  • Hudson's Golden Gem

    Hudson's Golden Gem

    Medium fine-grained white flesh that's sweet with pear overtones. Great for baking.

  • Macoun


    A firm-fleshed, sweet, almost berry-flavored all-purpose apple. An old Maine pie favorite.

  • Red Spy

    Red Spy

    Cream colored flesh with juicy, crisp, rich, aromatic flavor. Excellent for eating and cooking.

  • Nova Spy

    Nova Spy

    A type of Northern Spy apple, with vanilla notes. Excellent for cider-making and pie baking.

  • Reinette Simirenko

    Reinette Simirenko

    Firm and tart, with a crisp bite. The Reinette Simirenko is a solid all-purpose apple.

  • Wagener


    Crisp, juicy and tender. Melts when cooked. Good for apple butter, pie, applesauce and cider.

  • Winesap


    This apple is firm, crisp, slightly tart and an all-around favorite for baking apple pies.

  • goldenR2

    Golden Russet

    An antique variety with a complex sweet and tart flavor that is ideal for cider. A good keeper that holds shape when cooked