U-Pick Peaches

Maine Peaches

Pietree Orchard

Update: Our previous PYO season ran from August 6 - September 13. Thank you all for your incredible support!

We’ve all heard of Georgia peaches, but what about Maine peaches? These fuzzy, plump, stone-fruit are well known to grow best in warmer climates such as in Georgia, but did you know that many other states have the capabilities of growing high quality peaches too? As we know from experience, Maine typically has colder a colder climate, especially during winter months. However, our showery springs and warm summer days allow our peaches to gain the strength to deliver a juicy, seemingly tropical treat that will make you feel like you’re enjoying a mid-summer day in Georgia. Certain varieties have been specifically bred to withstand colder climates, such as those in northern states, in order to bear plentiful yields for peach lovers and reduce the commodity’s potential food miles. Our peach season typically lasts about a month long from mid-August towards the end of September. Although we can’t supply peaches year-round like the local grocery store, it doesn’t get any fresher than locally grown!

Be sure to call us ahead of time to ask about the picking conditions. Depending on weather conditions and PYO volume, we may need to allow the trees to rest to maximize ripened fruit for you to pick!

Freestone vs. Clingstone

Freestone peaches are those where the flesh is not attached to the pit, making it easy to remove the pit. These are satisficing for both cooking and baking because they are easy to prep. Clingstone peaches on the other hand refers to those where the flesh is attached to the pit, making them ideal for fresh eating, and less desirable for cooking and baking.

Early Season Varieties

Rising Star
This early season variety is considered a high quality, yellow-fleshed peach with bright red skin. It’s firm flesh gives it a smooth crunch with a pleasing peach flavor and is best for fresh eating with its semi-freestone pit.

This early season variety is a medium-sized, yellow-fleshed freestone peach with a subtly, juicy sweetness that is perfect for canning, baking, and cooking. Bred in New Hampshire, and released in 1964, this variety is considered the most reliable for Maine’s cold, humid climate.

Mid-Season Varieties

This yellow-fleshed, medium-sized peach is one of the most commonly planted peaches, and has a delightfully recognizable, juicy, peachy flavor. This freestone peach, bred in Michigan in 1940, has great success in Maine’s climate, ripening mid-season, and sets an excellent standard for peach lovers.

PF 15-A
What a strange name for a peach right? Named after the renowned peach breeder, this variety is also known as a Paul Friday variety. This variety is a mid-season ripening fruit and is one of Paul’s oldest bred varieties and has many outstanding fruit qualities; freestone, juicy, and of course peachy.

Sweet Star
Arguably the sweetest variety we have, the Sweet Star is a freestone, mid-season fruit that is known for its sugary sweetness, firm flesh, and outstanding storage qualities. It has more yellow skin qualities and is typically a larger bearing fruit.

Late-Season Varieties

Autumn Star
This is one of our latest ripening varieties, known for its particularly large fruit size, purple-red bloom, and of course sweet and juicy flavor profile. They are another freestone variety and appear very attractive with a 70% dark red hue, and a bright yellow blushed finish. An excellent end season variety.

Blushing Star
This is one of our white peach varieties, which ripens fairly later than our yellow peach varieties. With its pinkish-red hue it catches the eye, and has a very distinctively sweet, and slightly acidic flavor with a powerful floral aroma.

This yellow-fleshed peach variety is a late ripening fruit, bred from Rutgers University, and is large in size and firm-fleshed. Juicy and sweet, this freestone variety is great for all purpose eating, canning, baking, and cooking.

Glowing Star
This end-season variety is a large, yellow-fleshed, freestone peach with a particularly dark red skin. With its firm flesh and balanced flavor, this variety makes excellent use for fresh eating, canning, and freezing.

PF 17
Yet another Paul Friday variety, these peaches are a later season variety with large fruit, heavy yields, and a flavor so peachy it has become an industry standard! Many of these varieties share similar qualities, and only differ in their ripening windows.

PF 24-C
This late season Paul Friday variety is a freestone peach that has been bred to withstand Maine’s unpredictably cold climate. With its large, firm, and bright red characteristics, this variety comes across as a unique variety with an excellent, rich flavor profile.