U-Pick Berries


Pie Tree Orchard

Our strawberries don’t even compare to those that you purchase at the grocery store. The artisanal varieties that we produce bring you a mouthful of red juiciness that will send you straight into the spirit of summer, leaving you wishful for more. Our season typically lasts between 3 and 4 weeks, from late-June to mid-July, and we’ve strategically planted different varieties to consistently produce ripe berries for all your berry needs. In contrast to traditional store bought strawberries, farm fresh berries retain their nutrients and offer an astoundingly sweet flavor at the mere cost of their shelf life. Typically picked berries will stay fresh between 3 and 5 days in your refrigerator; you can freeze your berries or turn them into something delicious to extend their shelf life even further! On top of that, we highly encourage U-Pick berries because it not only allows you to save money, but it’s a great experience to share with friends, families, and loved ones; on the field and at home!

Be sure to call us ahead of time to ask about the status of our fields; we sometimes let them rest to give you the maximum amount of ripened berries!

Early-Season Varieties

AC Wendy

This is one of our earliest ripening berry, originally from Nova Scotia, that produces large blocky looking fruit that are full of excellent flavor and quality. These plants tend to ripen unevenly, leaving white tips and/or shoulders, but nevertheless they’re still juicy and sweet!


This variety is considered one of the best tasting, with that send you into summer vibe red deliciousness. This plant is derived from Maryland, and ripens early in the season as well. Alongside their prime flavor is their size to match; these are usually large and attractive looking berries!

Mid-Season Varieties


This highly productive, mid-season variety from Nova Scotia is quite popular for our U-Pick season. With their firm texture and dark, glossy persona they’re sure to win you over when you’re looking through the fields; they’ve got great flavor too!


This variety is quite unique when compared to others. They’re originally from Maryland, produce a high quality flavor, and have a not-so-common color profile. It might throw you off a bit when you see their orangish, pale color, but rest assured they’re likely fully ripened!


This mid-season variety speaks for itself with a name like that. Produced by the USDA, this variety is noticed for their pleasantly plump size, and bright red color, but is recognized for the unbelievably sweet juiciness when compared to other varieties.

Late-Season Varieties

Rutgers Scarlet

Appropriately named, this variety was bred by the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station of Rutgers University. This strawberry was developed with a goal to produce a sweet, juicy berry with exceptional flavor that balanced sweetness with acidity. Well that’s exactly what they accomplished, and we sure are glad they did!


This later season berry is arguably one of the best for freezing and jam making. They’ve been known for flavorful, high quality and attractive looking fruit for over 60 years! Overall, this heirloom quality variety produces small to medium sized berries with moderate firmness that grow well in northern climates.


Similar to the Allstar variety, this late season fruit from Italy produces large, juicy, flavorful berries with a slightly orange color profile. These are typically the last to ripen in our season, but still pack that summertime strawberry punch!



Our blueberries are truly something special; being in Maine, they’ve got to be right? Our array of Highbush blueberries give you that final taste of summer, with a subtle but enticingly sweet flavor that truly screams Maine. With a similar spiel to that of our other berries, store bought just isn’t the same. There’s something special about knowing where your food comes from, and better yet, who picked it! We offer you berries with higher nutrient content, a true Maine experience, and cost savings that grocery stores can’t even consider. Our blueberry season typically lasts about a month long from the end of June to the end of August, and we’ve laid out a vast variety of blueberries to keep your berry stash well stocked! If you time your visit just right, you may even be able to pick more than one fruit!

Be sure to call us ahead of time to ask about the status of our fields; we sometimes let them rest to give you the maximum amount of ripened berries!


Early-Midseason Varieties


These berries are great for preserves, baking, freezing and of course fresh eating. This variety is a Highbush cultivar (selectively bread) and produces beautiful all-purpose berries that are firm, and slightly tart.


This is another Highbush plant with a very steady production capacity. These bushes are early-midseason blueberries that are large and in charge with their dark-blue presence, and sweet, high-quality flavor.


These bushes are upright and open, making it easy to pick these large berries. This variety of blueberries grows in loose clusters and ripen all at once, and deliver a firm texture with excellent flavor!

Mid-Season Varieties


These mid-season bluebs are one of our hardest workers. With superior fruit quality, these firm, flavorful berries are perfectly sized, and make for easy picking!

Late-Season Varieties


This Highbush variety is one of the latest ripening berries, but it’s definitely worth the wait for their size. They range from medium to larger berries with a slightly darker color than others and tend to hang longer, developing their blue flavor further.


This variety is a late-season producer that yields high volumes, and is actually one of the oldest, most widely grown varieties. With their dark blue, medium size, they make blueberry picking fairly easy and have a super sweet taste; a true classic!


This late-midseason variety is another Highbush plant that yields very large, sweet, and slightly tangy berries with an empoweringly juicy texture despite their firmness. Bred from the Michigan State breeding program, these berries grow well in our Northern climate.



Our raspberries are as fresh as can be, and full of a delectable sweet-tartness that will brighten your dancing taste buds. These balanced berries are great for making jams, pies, all sorts of summertime treats. Not to mention, their brilliant crimson color is loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin-C making them nutritious, healthy, and perfect for fresh consumption! Our season typically begins in mid-July, and lasts until early August. With our vast variety vivaciously garnishing our fields with their redness, it makes for a delicious and fun experience to share with others with a price that cannot compare.

Early Season Varieties



This variety is a newer hybrid raspberry from Manitoba, Canada. Its medium sized berries are a bright, shiny red and are known for their delightfully sweeter-than-average flavor.


These reliable berries are one of our earlier bearing bushes and produce high yielding fruit. They’re medium in size, bright red, and firm raspberries that are great candidates for picking.


Mid-Season Varieties



This variety of raspberry is capable of enduring harsh conditions that Maine brings forth. Mid-season, these bushes produce medium to large berries with a deep red hue that really catches the eye. Overall, these are reliable berries with good fruit qualities and excellent flavor.

Tula Magic

These beautiful, mid-season raspberries come from Switzerland and bear large berries with a delectable sweetness and an intense raspberry aroma. This is a selectively bred variety between the Autumn Bliss and Tulameen varieties, giving them a light red color.


Late Season Varieties



These berries were bred through the Cornell Small Fruit Breeding Program in Geneva, New York. They endure excellently through our harsh winters to produce large berries that sit cohesively with one another, making it easy to pick, and have a distinct raspberry flavor.


This is one of our heirloom varieties that produces late season berries with an incredibly classic sweet-tart flavor. It’s considered a staple variety of raspberry with a light red hue, and large bearing berries; a real must have berry!